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Czech-Ease Acoustic Road Bass, Standard S1
Product Info
Czech-Ease Acoustic Road Bass, Standard S1
Czech-Ease Acoustic Road Bass, Standard S1
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I watched the baggage throwers out the window before takeoff, and they got it onto the belt with far more ease than my regular bass. It was a breeze to move through the airport too...at Newark we realized we were at the wrong terminal and had to get on the monorail with all our gear. I pushed my wheeled suitcase in front of me, dragged the Czech-Ease behind me, and had NO PROBLEMS whatsoever with negotiating escalators and elevators. You guys have a mighty convenient product on your hands
Ryan M.
Bassist, Australia

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Though you may purchase your Czech-Ease online, shipping costs are not included; we will bill you for them separately. To avoid this, we strongly recommend ordering by email to ben@davidgage.com.

It's never been easy to travel with a double bass. In fact, most bass players are reminded every day that their instrument is the largest one commonly transported by a musician.

But just because the bass doesn't easily fit into cabs, is expensive to check on a plane, and challenges our bodies just getting to the venue, bassists are not flocking to the world of the Electric Upright Bass (EUB). The reasons for this are clear.

EUBs just don't sound like basses.

Nothing sounds like a real bass except the real doghouse. Bass players spend a lot of time perfecting their tone, which is very rarely the same as the sound that comes out of an amp with an EUB. Although they're big and painful to carry, the bass-playing world prefers sound over portability when it comes to their instruments. EUBs just don't cut it.

It is for this very reason that David Gage was so intrigued with Ira Coleman's request for a bass that sounded and felt like a real upright bass, but didn't take up as much room and wasn't as heavy.

The Czech-Ease(tm) was born.

The name is derived from a combination of the country where the bass is manufactured and the benefit the instrument provides bassists when traveling. It has a short body, but a standard string length. It has a custom-made David Gage adjustable bridge, but is made to be thrown into a cab or packed away for a 2-week tour. The Czech- Ease(tm) is a full-sounding bass with an abbreviated body that makes it exponentially more portable than its full-bodied cousins without losing the true bass sound. And furthermore, the bridge and the rest of the bass' components will work with any acoustic bass pickup, so you don't have to relearn how to set up your amp.

The Czech-Ease(tm) travel case has revolutionized bass travel. This fiberglass and carbon-fiber custom-fitted travel case is small enough to fit through airport x-ray machines and onto baggage conveyor belts. Oversized baggage fees will be a thing of the past and, for once, bass players will arrive in the same physical condition as the rest of the musicians and they won't have to sacrifice the sound that they work so hard to maintain.

Comes with:
1 Realist Transducer
1 Mooradian-brand Ultralight Czech-Ease Cover
D'Addario Helicore or Thomastik Spirocore Strings

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