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Ask us about our growing selection of amplifiers, bass guitar strings, Marleaux bass guitars, and NS electric upright basses. Call us at 212.274.1322 or email ben@davidgage.com.

Appointments are appreciated for rentals, repairs, and the showroom.

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Store Specials
Boss: RC-30 Loop Station Pedal
DeMars: The Long Trail Bass Guitar
Roland: TU-12EX Chromatic Tuner
Planet Waves NS Artist Capo

David's Corner

Call it the doghouse
David Gage

Call it the doghouse, an upright, a bullfiddle, a slap bass, string bass, contrabass, bass violin, floor bass or double bass - it is one big air moving device that supports and holds up the bottom of a symphony orchestra like the foundation of my...

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Bass Gallery
Neuner Hornsteiner
A beautiful 19th-century German orchestral bass.
Jean Auray
A skillfully made bass from a French master.
Lorenzo Ventapane
Earth-shaking power meets glorious classic tone.
An elegant bass from a stellar new Italian maker.
Cello Gallery
English c.1790
English cello c.1790
Michael D. Goronok
Michael D. Goronok cello 1993

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Please note:
Appointments are highly recommended for rentals, repairs, appraisals, and the instrument showroom. We may not be able to accommodate walk-ins.

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