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Dampit for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, or Guitar
Bernardel Rosin for Violin, Viola, Cello
Suzuki Violin Vol. 1
Suzuki Violin Vol. 2

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Warm-up exercises for Injury Prevention and Recovery

by Dennis James

Warm-up exercises may substantially reduce your risk of injury and may also help with a faster recovery from an existing injury.  A commitment of 10-15 minutes a day will be extremely beneficial in making connective tissue more supple, allowing for better coordination...

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Bass Gallery
attr. P Guarneri, ex. Austria
A fantastic Italian bass with a tone you won't forget.
Maday bass, lion's head
A fine Maday bass with a great sound and excellent playability.
Anton Wilfer (Canada) 5
A 5-string bass, converted to a great 4-string.
Neuner Hornsteiner
A beautiful 19th-century German orchestral bass.
Cello Gallery
English attr. Furber
A perfect balance of warmth and clarity. All registers unfold with stunning melancholy. Call for price.
18th Century Italian
Breathtaking tone full of color and depth. Call for price.

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