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The shop is closed this Saturday the 19th.

Don't miss a special concert with bassists Tim Cobb & Enrico Fagone on April 25th here at the shop, get tickets.

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Gotham Almond Oil for Gut Strings
Gamut Lyon Bass Gut Strings
Concert April 25th: Tim Cobb & Enrico Fagone

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Self-Care for Injury Prevention and Recovery

by Dennis James

When you are injured, how you initially deal with the injury is very crucial to how fast recovery will be, and in preventing it from recurring. It is important to understand the 3 stages of healing, recognized by both western and Chinese sports medicine, so that you...

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Bass Gallery
An elegant bass from a stellar new Italian maker.
W Tarr
A simply fantastic Tarr bass c.1850.
Jean Auray
A skillfully made bass from a French master.
Neuner Hornsteiner
A beautiful 19th-century German orchestral bass.
Cello Gallery
Heinrich Gill
The most popular of the Gill cellos, this delivers at a very reasonable price.
Patrick Toole
Created by one of our very own luthiers, beautiful tone.

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