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La Bella's "Lords of the Low End" is coming up on Oct. 25th at The Cutting Room, their raffle will include a Realist LifeLine and SoundClip, check it out.

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Store Specials
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin Strings
Jargar Cello Strings
Orin O'Brien: Double Bass Notebook
CodaBow Joule Cello Bow

David's Corner

On Setting up the Bass, Part II: Bridge, Bassbar and Soundpost
David Gage

I began our discussion of setup talking about strings. The string vibration is 'interpreted' by the bridge of the string bass while it is relaying the information to the top plate of the instrument. This top plate is the surface piece on which the...

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Bass Gallery
Neuner Hornsteiner
A beautiful 19th-century German orchestral bass.
Lorenzo Ventapane
Earth-shaking power meets glorious classic tone.
Jean Auray
A skillfully made bass from a French master.
An elegant bass from a stellar new Italian maker.
Cello Gallery
c.1790, a rich and deep sounding cello, perfect for chamber performance.
Ed Maday
2014, Long Island, even and expressive, very easy to play.

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