David Gage String Instruments

Metropolitan Bass Bow

At long last, there's a bow made for professional bassists that takes full advantage of carbon fiber's potential and the knowledge accumulated from centuries of craftsmanship.

Co-designed by David Gage and Codabow, The Metropolitan is a perfectly balanced, exceptionally responsive bow. Each aspect is deliberate, from the arch of the camber to the Xebony™ frog, engineered for shape and balance. Culminating in the woven carbon fiber construction, perfected by CodaBow, The Metropolitan’s design is unparalleled.

The Metropolitan is not just the finest carbon fiber bow ever made, but also one of the finest bass bows ever played.

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"I feel that these bows capture the exquisite playing characteristics of the old masters for an affordable price."

Tim Cobb,
Principle Bassist, The Metropolitan Opera

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"Your Metropolitan bow has changed my life. I have been been using it in the show now ever since I recieved it and the consistency from show to show is remarkable. The bows balance and tone is fantastic. I am so relaxed. It is such a joy to play. Thank you for your vision and art. I am truly blessed to play this bow."

Derek P. Jones,
Bass Player with Bela Fleck,
Paul McCandless, among others.