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Featured Violins

Id # Origin/Name Age Size Status Price
4184Christopher 1 yrs 4/4In stock$799
4177Jacobus Hornsteiner 92 yrs 4/4In stock$3,000
4157 Nicholas Berthonlini 119 yrs 4/4In stock$450
4134Milos Muller 18 yrs 4/4In stock$950
4065Buthod & Grandini  54 yrs 4/4In stock$2,000
4037Lee Daniel Nigh  4 yrs 4/4 In stock$15,000
4035Cracovia Workshop 17 yrs 4/4In stock$2,000
4032Sam Morel & Marius Teyssier 1 yrs 4/4In stock$6,000
391819th Century French  139 yrs 4/4In stock$15,000
3912Otto Ersnt Fischer 18 yrs In stock$800
3874Labelled Gatano  169 yrs 4/4In stock$3,500
3852Charles Simonin  159 yrs 4/4In stock$10,000
3693Jacob Curtz 1 yrs 4/4In stock$16,000
3641Carl Zach  119 yrs 4/4In stock$12,000
3551Conn Wonder 96 yrs 4/4In stock$1,500
3335Schuster & Co  89 yrs 4/4In stock$4,200
3213Czech Violin 59 yrs 4/4In stock$2,500
3001Karl Berger  58 yrs 4/4In stock$2,500