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Featured Violins

Id # Origin/Name Age Size Status Price
0Revelle 4 yrs In stock$799
2736Unknown 98 yrs 4/4In stock$1,400
2984Unknown 218 yrs In stock$1,500
3001Karl Berger  57 yrs In stock$2,500
3066Uknow 118 yrs In stock$2,000
3283Collin Mezin N/A4/4In stock$15,000
3327Unknown 88 yrs In stock$3,000
3335Schuster & Co  88 yrs In stock$4,200
3408A.S. Hill  81 yrs In stock$8,500
3415Schuster  N/AIn stock$6,000
3510Evan Lowenstein Davenport 2 yrs In stock$2,800
3534Christopher 1 yrs In stock$800